Finally the wireless headphones reached us. In the age of constantly evolving modern technology, we can finally afford to use headphones that do not embarrass us with ubiquitous cables that are constantly mingling. Which wireless headphones do you choose? What to pay attention before we decide to buy?

Why buy wireless headphones?

Before you buy a wireless headset you should answer the question: what do we need? Will we use them only on the road, or to play sports in the presence of your favorite songs, or do we want to keep up with technological advances? Once we’ve figured out what we will need, we can decide on the kind of headphones.

Headphones – is it worth it?

External headphones will be ideal for people who travel frequently. Usually in such situations we want to isolate ourselves from co-workers, but we also want to know what messages will be broadcast by megaphones. This does not mean that the earphones are weak. Those who appreciate the high quality of sound and it is most important to them. They are also healthier for our hearing, because the sound does not come directly to the ears.

Earphones – what to buy?

This type of headphones works great for people who practice sports. There is no fear that they will fall out of our ears during movement because they are perfectly contoured. Surely the strength of the sound is stronger, because it flows straight to our ears. Is that good? Frequent and loud listening to songs on these handsets can cause hearing problems in the future. What are the dangers of carrying earbuds? Almost completely isolated from the environment. Run on the street so you can not hear the approaching danger.

Select headphones with Bluetooth

When choosing wireless headphones, it’s important to note how they will “communicate” with your devices. The most popular solution is Bluetooth, which provides the transmission of sound without any noise. The only drawback that experts are constantly working on is the sound quality. Bluetooth compresses the sound and can be compared to the quality of songs in mp3 format.

However, there are already available headphones on the market, which solved this problem and in the sound do not hear any difference. You can also choose wireless headphones with radio transmission, but here we may have trouble with frequent interruptions.

Do you buy headphones? Pay attention to additional features

When choosing a wireless headset, it is worth noting that they have a microphone. It may be useful when you want to use headphones to talk over the phone or videoconferencing. Wireless headphones with microphone will also be used by computer game fans who like to play online.

Mp3 headphones

Some wireless headsets have built-in SD card slot. My page – What does this mean in practice? The fact is that we can listen to your favorite music in them without connecting, for example, to your smartphone or tablet. This is a good solution for people who do not want to unload their devices, especially when out of reach.

What range of headphones to choose?

It is worth checking the parameters of the range of impact of the headset data. It is better to know that walking around the house will not suddenly break our connection to our device. Headphones, even though they are named wireless, impose restrictions on us.

How long will they hold good handsets?

It depends on the model. Of course, it is best to choose headphones that will withstand up to 50 hours without charging. To prevent sudden discharge, you can select headphones with an additional cable that connects them to the device from which you play the music.

High quality and modern design

Now the external earphones do not look as crisp as they were a few years ago. They do not resemble the muffling headphones worn by construction workers. Now earbuds give you the ability to stand out in the crowd by using modern forms and patterns. It is also an additional advantage that can induce some people to invest in external headphones.

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